REVIEW | Anytime Menstrual Cup

I was a sanitary napkin/pad user all my life. A few months ago, I decided that I would try using tampons but I was not able to find one in supermarkets near my place or maybe I just wasn't able to spot them. Then, I was introduced to this Anytime Menstrual Cup and it felt weird at first but my mind changed in the process. Let me share with you my experience.

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Anytime Menstrual Cup | Php 700
Available sizes:  
Type 1 for women under age 30 and has not given birth
Type 2 for mothers who have given birth in a natural way and for women over the age of 30
Available colors:
Pink, White and Violet

I didn't know that a product like this existed until I did my research. Medyo late na pala ako, haha! Check this post from Wikipedia which can be helpful.

The product was placed inside a box when it arrived and it also came with stickers with inspirational messages. I am not sure if it is always like that but I definitely appreciate it.

One of the contents, aside from the cup, is this small cloth drawstring pouch that can be used for storage during the days you don't have your period. It is made out of breathable cloth that helps keep the cup dry.

It also came with a leaflet that contains information about Anytime Menstrual Cup and instructions on how to use it. For first timers like me, this is HELPFUL!

I will keep this post as simple as possible. You may visit their Facebook Page - Anytime Menstrual Cups PH to know more information (why switch to menstrual cup, sizes available, how to insert and remove, how to properly care for your cup).

So this is the menstrual cup itself and I got SIZE 1.  I got this few months before I turned 30 and this is the size that was suggested to me. The size of the cup didn't bother me that much but the length of the stem did but that was just my initial reaction. I actually thought of cutting it shorter but then it felt okay after insertion so I left it like that. Plus, it kind of assures me that I can still get the cup out no matter what. It is a matter of preference, actually.

You see that sort of flower design? It is actually embossed on the base part that helps the user have that nice grip thus making the removal easier.

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Left: Folded in half/C or U fold
Right: Pushed inside/Push down fold

These are the two folding techniques suggested on the instructions and I am more comfortable using the push down fold because it looks smaller, making me less anxious when inserting.

My menstrual cycle normally lasts 4-5 days. For first 2 days, I usually drain the cup every 4-5 hours or sometimes, every time I pee. On the 3rd day onwards, 3-4 times a day is enough.

What I like:

  • No more rashes

  • Comfortable to use

  • I can even swim or do my daily activities efficiently

  • No odor and I definitely feel fresh down there

  • You won't feel the blood gushing out

  • Higher capacity than most sanitary napkins

  • Economical (reusable up to 2 years)

  • Does not cause dryness

  • Discreet and unnoticeable when worn

  • Easy to clean (mine didn't get any stains or unwanted smell)

  • Easy to remove

  • Affordable

What I don't like:

  • Took me few tries to master (I think) the insertion

  • I still experience occasional leaks during first 2 days of my period so I had to wear panty liners (I am considering trying the next size because it's possible that my size is #2 since I am already 30 years old). But on the 3rd up to the end of the cycle, there are no leaks anymore.

  • I find it hard to drain it in public toilets (issues with cleanliness, availability of clean water and privacy)

  • Available online only

Some other things I do:

  • Sterilize before and after each cycle (immerse in boiling water for 5 minutes)

  • I use feminine wash every time I wash it

  • I use push down fold and insert it while sitting on the toilet (careful not to drop it)

  • I always try to feel the base once inserted and see if the cup opened up inside

  • I remove it by slightly and gently pulling the stem then pinching the base to release the seal/vacuum

  • Bearing down helps in removing the cup

Things I would suggest before you decide to use a menstrual cup:

  • Consult with your OB Gyne just to be sure

  • Do your research (a lot of it)

Although I still use panty liners just in case there are leaks, I still prefer using the Anytime Menstrual Cup over sanitary napkins. I just feel a lot cleaner. I know draining the cup can be quite messy too but I don't have problems with touching my own blood so I'll just clean myself afterwards. I just hope one day, there will be no more leaks.

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Disclaimer: Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions are based on my own experience. What may work for me may or may not work for you.