REVIEW | Fashion21 Liquid Eyeliner (Water Resistant)

Hello! I am here again. I hope you are not getting tired seeing updates here on my blog because I have another product review for you. I will be sharing with you my experience with the Fashion21 Liquid Eyeliner (Water Resistant).

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Fashion21 Liquid Eyeliner (Water Resistant) (9ml) - Php 135

Water-resistant, smudge-proof, tear-proof! This eyeliner stays put through sweat and tears. It also lasts the test of time on normal to oily skin, so this is your go-to if you need to look good after a tearjerker or a long day. The fine-tipped brush lets you create all kinds of looks—from light and subtle to dark and dramatic. The Liquid Eyeliner comes in luscious deep brown and intense black colors. (source)

Watch my first impression video below.

I am not really good with eye makeups because I don't usually grab them whenever I go but when I get to try something new, at least to me, I get to see the beauty of each products! I usually steer away from eyeliners because they make me feel like my eyes look too strong. Good thing there are brown liners which are more subtle.

The packaging looks nice. I like the black matte finish of the tube and the handle's size is just right. It gives me nice control. You can find the ingredients and manufacturing date on the tube.

It has a fine-tipped applicator which is really helpful in creating fine line. Even if you are a beginner, I  think you'll be able to create a decent line. Among the liquid liners I have tried (I only have a few), this has one of the nicest brush ever!

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Left: Brown
Right: Black

On the swatch above, you can see that the black one is more opaque. The brown one needs to be evened out quite a bit. The finish is slightly glossy but the black one tends to look matte after some time though it still reflects light. As for the scent, it has a slight chemical scent which I was able to notice after using it for a couple of times already.

During application, I struggled slightly when I tried curling my lashes first. The liquid eyeliner coated my lashes making them stick to each other so I had to do my liner all over again. After that incident, I always line my eyes first before curling my lashes.

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Fashion21 Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

This is the first one I tried because I want to see if it will look good on me. True enough, I love how it looks. What I noticed with this shade, you have to be quick in making the opacity even because once it sets, it will become tacky. After 1-2 tries, I was able to do it.

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After 11 hours of wearing Fashion21 Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

On its own, it lasted 6-7 hours with minimal fading. The sticky feel didn't go away and my bangs would stick every now and then which I find a bit annoying. After 11 hours, you can still see traces of the liner (see photo above) but the color did fade.

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Fashion21 Liquid Eyeliner in Black topped with eyeshadow

Since I witnessed that it is sticky, I decided to use the black one and top it with an eyeshadow in powder form. Not only did it take away the tacky feel, it also made the eyeliner last longer.

I tested it under running water and it didn't budge. But when I started rubbing it off, few parts got removed. I also realized that the best makeup remover to use is oil based. Wiping a cotton pad with oil/oil based makeup remover will not get all of the product right away. I would suggest resting the pad with remover on top for few seconds then gently rub it off.

What I like: 

  • Matte black finish of the packaging

  • Ingredients and manufacturing date are given

  • Fine tipped applicator with a handle that is long enough for easy maneuvering

  • Black liner is really opaque

  • Water resistant, indeed

  • Lasts for 6 hours on its own but can last longer when topped with eyeshadow (powder)

  • Affordable

  • Available locally


  • 2 shades only (putting this here for those who likes loud colored eyeliners)

  • Has a slight chemical scent but only noticeable when you are going to really sniff it

What I don’t like:

  • Brown liner isn't as opaque as the black one

  • Gets tacky/sticky

  • Shiny finish especially the brown one

  • Removal can be a bit tricky (see my suggestion above)

Overall, both liners did pretty well. I like the color of the brown one but opacity wise, I prefer the black one. So far, this is one of the long lasting liquid eyeliners I have used given that I set it. I just hope they do something about the formulation because the tacky finish is just a bit annoying. If you are a beginner and is looking a liquid eyeliner to try out, this is something I can recommend especially because it has a nice brush you can practice with.



Disclaimer: Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions are based on my experience with the products.