REVIEW | KJM Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Stains

Hello, loves! I am back with another review and I know I am quite late in discovering KJM Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Stains but ever since I tried it, it has become a staple in my makeup kit.

KJM Cosmetics is a local brand and I think they are currently focusing on these cheek and lip stains.

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KJM Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Stains in Bloodshot and Girl Talk
Price range: Php110 - Php150 (10ml)

Prices vary per reseller but on their website, it is being sold at 110 pesos. I got mine from a reseller for 140 pesos which I think is not bad because I did not pay for shipping anymore since the reseller is a friend and lives near my place.

The product is housed inside a plastic tube bottle and it came unsealed but definitely NOT used. The size is very travel friendly and can fit even a small purse.

Another reason for it being travel-friendly is its applicator which is a roll-on type. No spills even when reapplying it inside a moving car. The method of application is quite unhygienic though. The roll-on applicator is a bit big and sometimes deposits more product than expected that it gets even to my teeth. I suggest you wipe it immediately because you wouldn't want stained teeth all throughout the day.

Here's the list of the ingredients which you may also find on the product label.


The consistency is thin and the product is very pigmented. On the swatch above, I layered the product for you to have an idea how the colors look like but one swipe is definitely enough especially if you just want a flush of color on your lips. Control is needed when applying on the cheeks to make it look more natural.

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Bare lips and cheeks

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Bloodshot on my lips and cheeks

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Girl Talk on my lips and cheeks (changes in lighting, sorry)

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After wearing it for 8 hours

On the lips, I noticed that it started fading around 6 hours of wear with eating and drinking. But I didn't find the need for reapplication at that time so I was able to extend the wear up to 8 hours (see photo above). During that time, I know I needed to reapply on the lips but the stain on the cheeks is still looking pretty okay.

Watch and see the product in action:

What I like: 

  • Ingredients are printed on the label

  • Travel-friendly

  • No bitter taste (slightly sweet)

  • Unscented

  • Bloodshot and Girl Talk are two lovely shades perfect for everyday

  • Pigmented (a little goes a long way so one bottle will last you a long time)

  • Lots of nice shades to choose from

  • Non-drying

  • Long lasting

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to reapply

  • Locally available through their website and legit resellers

  • Very affordable

What I don't like:

  • The roll-on type packaging is good for travelling but can be tricky to use

  • Unhygienic way of application

  • May emphasize dryness on the lips

  • Not sealed upon purchase

  • Not available in department stores and drugstores

There are some cons that can be improved but I can't help but rave about this product. It is definitely worth trying out since it performs really well and it won't hurt your wallet. I even included it in my recent current favorites post. If you are planning on purchasing KJM Lip and Cheek Stains, I will NOT recommend that you get all of the shades. Just pick one pink and one red and you are good to go. Beware of fake ones. Be sure you are getting it from a legit reseller. I purchased mine from Fitnfine Fab Apparels.

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