Make Holidays Happen with Maybelline!

We celebrated Christmas 3 days ago and I was wondering, what look did you go for? I didn't put too much makeup last Christmas eve but I filmed some easy looks that non-makeup artists like me can do. I was supposed to put it up last December 24 but my internet connection was wonky hence, this late post. But, we still have the New Year's eve so let's make holidays happen!

During holiday season, I try to glam up my look a bit so that I am always ready whenever pictures are taken. Most of my makeups are affordable/drugstore ones because they don't hurt my wallet that much and I believe that you can enhance your beauty even with the use of not so expensive products. On the photo above, you can see that there are 3 different looks that Maybelline came up with for this year's holiday season. I tried coming up with my own version but please, don't expect too much from me because I am just an ordinary girl trying to explore makeup.

Here are the 3 simple looks I came up with. I can wear them even on a daily basis. Of course, I used products from different brands as well but MOST of the items I used are from Maybelline.

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Make Natural Happen

For the first look, I applied a thin layer of BB cream and topped it with Clear Smooth All-in-One (P259) powder foundation to mattify and to add coverage. It has SPF32 to protect the skin from the sun. Since my brows are sparse in some areas, I defined it first with a pencil then set it with Fashion Brow Mascara (P249). I find the wand a bit weird looking but nonetheless, it still delivers. Then for the lips, I used Rosy Matte in Rosy Peach (P299) for the natural pinkish looking lips. I think this is perfect for daytime events for the holidays or even for everyday use.

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Make Romantic Happen

For the second look, I used one layer of foundation and set it with the same powder I used on the first look. Then I defined my eyebrows slightly darker this time. For my contour, I used the V-Face Duo Stick (P499) first then set with the contour shade from the V-Face Blush Contour (399). I mixed the two blush colors then applied on my cheeks. My favorite here is the highlighter that came with the duo stick. I applied it on the high points of my face and also on the inner corner of the eyes. To make my eyes look more awake and for that longer lasting curl, I used the Hypercurl Volum' Express Mascara (P199). I applied Creamy Matte Lipstick in Rich Ruby (P299) for that romantic vibe.

This look is actually my favorite and I think, though the look is very simple, it is still perfect for Christmas. Too bad, this post came a bit late but you can still pull this look off in other occasions like New Year's eve and Valentine's Day dinner with your partner.

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Make Bold Happen

For New Year's eve, I prefer even skin tone that's why I used Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation (P499) and used a concealer for my under eye are. After blending those on my skin, I did the baking technique for longer lasting makeup. My eyebrows were defined just like what I did with the romantic look. I did not apply a blush for this look but I did dry contouring using the blush contour palette that I also used on the second look. For the eyes, I applied warm brown color on the lids and lower lash line as a wash and then lined my eyes with a slight wing at then end using the Hypersharp Power Black Liner (P299). I used the same mascara and then lastly, I used Creamy Matte Lipstick in Divine Wine (P299). This will add that bold feel to the look.

If you want to see how I applied the products on my face, I embedded the video below.

I know this post is really late but I still want to share it with you because, as I have mentioned earlier, the looks are wearable even on ordinary days. I hope you still find this post interesting. #MakeHolidaysHappen with Maybelline Philippines.