REVIEW | L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion 7.1 Beige Light Brown #Ashbrown

Good day, friends! Yehey for another post and this time, I am going to share with you my thoughts about the L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion hair color in 7.1 Beige Light Brown.

I know this is quite late to share with you because I received this PR kit before 2016 ended. But let me still share with you this amazing hair color from L'Oreal. And, of course, how can I not showcase that gorgeous kit? Pang out of town or country and peg!

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion is available in 21 shades and included are these ash brown shades. The two shades mentioned above, I already have and the other 2 shades are 6.13 Golden Nude Brown and 5.13 Ashy Nude Brown.

Here are some information about the product that I got from their website:

Excellence Fashion offers Hi-Intensity Pigments that brings eye-catching color and Hi-Shine Complex for intense shine. With its triple care technology you will be able to experience long-lasting and vibrant color for your hair, without the damage.

Excellence Fashion is infused with:
1. Hi-Intensity Pigments for vibrant color
2. Advanced Triple Care Technology to protect hair from damage
3. Hi-Shine Complex for spectacular shine.

When I opened the box and saw a lot of items inside, I was a bit surprised. I expected that I will only get a cream color and developer but there are other stuff included. So there's a Pre-Color Protective Treatment (I think this is the first time I have used one like this), Coloring Creme and Cream Developer (which should be mixed together to achieve a chosen shade), a tube of conditioner and a comb applicator for even application. I think it also has a pair of gloves inside.

On the box, you will see other information about the product, instructions and list of ingredients.

This is the fun part for me since it was the first time for me to use a comb applicator like this. What I did was I replaced the cap of the cream developer with this one and it was really helpful and made application a breeze.

I used the conditioner included and washed it off after 2 minutes. For better results, I also used the Elseve Extraordinary Oil before drying my hair since it was included in the kit.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]
Before and After using L’Oreal Excellence Fashion Hair Color in 7.1 Beige Light Brown

I find the result really satisfying to my eyes! Since application was very easy, I was able to distribute the product properly all by myself hence the even color of my hair.

One thing I also noticed is the product was able to penetrate the roots. Ang galing! Normally, the color on the roots will either be darker or lighter depending on what color I choose but this time, it seems even to me. The only thing it did not cover were my gray hair. Yes, I have them hidden underneath. Haha!

And, of course, a GGSS photo taken under natural before I end this post. It does not look brassy compared to the photo above (which was taken under artificial lighting with a bit of natural light).

What I like:

  • Affordable. Compared to the other ones I have tried, this can be pricey but we also have to consider contents inside.

  • VERY easy to use

  • The scent is tolerable for me

  • No irritations felt during and after procedure

  • After the procedure, hair is looking shiny and healthy

  • One box is enough for my hair (I have short hair)

  • I have few streaks of highlights left from previous hair coloring and I think the protective serum prevented it from getting drier

  • I was able to use the conditioner up to 3 times

  • 7.1 Beige Light Brown is a very beautiful ash brown color

  • Evenly colored roots

  • Locally available (check Watsons and L'Oreal counters in department stores nationwide)

What I don’t like:

  • Was not able to color gray hair (something I actually expected since this is a light color)

I love this product, well at least the shade 7.1 Beige Light Brown because it is what I have tried! The effect on me is really nice and I think I'll use other colors in the future. By far, this is the best DIY hair coloring experience for me. It exceeded my expectation.

If in case you are going to try this and you have longer hair than mine or maybe thicker, I would suggest getting two boxes just to be sure.

For more information, check L'Oreal Paris Philippines:



Disclaimer: Products were sent by as PR samples. All opinions are based on my experience with the products.