REVIEW | Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks by Color Sensational

So I am back. Again. I am so bad in managing my time I couldn't even update this blog. But anyways, I have here some lipsticks that I have been using for the past months. I want to share with you my thoughts and swatches as well of the Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks by ColorSensational.

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Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks by Color Sensational (0.13 oz / 3.9 g) | Php299

I forgot which month I received these but I am sure it's around last quarter of last year. Honestly, I can feel that I already have a lot of lip products in my stash but I still enjoy trying out products different from what I already have.
Here's the product information I saw from their website.

"Pamper your lips with a lightweight creamy formula enhanced with honey nectar that finishes off matte once applied. Enjoy a smooth and cushiony feel upon application."

"Bold vivid pigments in a creamy matte texture that glides for an easy application. Full coverage."

Vivid Matte by Color Sensational is not a new line, I believe, but they added these new shades. And since I was not able to try this before, I decided to include a review instead of just giving you swatches.

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From L-R: Vivid 5, Vivid 6, Vivid 7, Vivid 8, Vivid 13

At first, the colors look quite intimidating especially since I don't normally apply extremely bold colors on my lips but I have gotten used to using them and I actually love Vivid 8!

The packaging is very similar to the other lipsticks from Maybelline. The product name and other information like ingredients and weight were printed on the plastic seal of the product. The only difference I see is that this the color of the cap which, I think, varies per line.

I also filmed a video (Tagalog) for this which is posted below. Feel free to watch it.

For the arm swatches, that's just one swipe of the lipstick and they are really pigmented. On the lips, that's about 1 to 2 swipes just to get an even coat.

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One swipe of the Vivid Matte lipsticks on my forearm

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Vivid 5

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Vivid 6

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Vivid 7

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Vivid 8

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Vivid 13

At first I thought these shades won't look nice on me especially Vivid 13 but after some time, I have learned to like it as well.

I don't want to mislead you by making at attempt to describe each color because I am not good with that and I will just let the photos speak for them.

What I like:

  • Simple packaging that snaps and does not get easily open when placed inside the makeup bag.

  • With ingredients, manufacturing date

  • Unscented

  • Very pigmented

  • Creamy matte and easy to glide on the lips

  • Non-drying at all

  • Easy to reapply

  • Lasts up to 5 hours even with eating

  • It leaves a nice stain

  • I love Vivid 8 and Vivid 5 out of the 5 shades that I have

  • Affordable (watch out because Maybelline goes on sale from time to time)

  • Available locally (Watsons, department stores, online like BeautyMNL and Lazada)


  • It transfers

What I don’t like: 

  • Does not have shades names, just numbers

  • It bleeds (use a lip liner or blot it off with a tissue)

  • It it not lightweight if you will layer it on the lips (I prefer dabbing a tissue after application)

  • Vivid 13 has the tendency to accentuate dry areas on the lips

Here's a proof that the Vivid Matte lipsticks from Maybelline leave stains which I like because I am the type who is not fond of reapplying makeup.

Overall, I enjoyed testing these lipsticks out and I am happy to say that I have found a favorite from this line (Vivid 8 FTW!). I prefer simple makeup but there are days that I want to add color, and since am not good with eye makeups, these are the easiest remedy for that. But if you will ask me if it is necessary to get all shades, my answer would be no. Get 2 shades that would suit your skin color and you are good to go!

For more information, check Maybelline Philippines:



Disclaimer: Products were sent by a PR company handling Maybelline Philippines. All opinions are based on my experience with the products.