My First Sephora PH Haul (Real Techniques Brushes)

Hello, makeup lovers! I just want to share with you my first ever Sephora PH haul. I have been trying to save money to be able to buy few stuff from and when I was given the chance to shop at their website, I got really excited (imagine a happy kid buying candies!).

If you know me well, you would know that I love checking out different makeup tools because it plays a big role in easy makeup application. Real Techniques is a very known brand when it comes to makeup brushes but the only tool I have tried from this brand is their sponge. So I decided I am going to get their brushes and see if I am going to enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed using their sponge.

These are the brushes that I got from their website. I have already tested them out before doing this haul post so that I can also share with you my initial thoughts on each brush. But let me first say that these brushes look really pretty, especially the gold one.

Their stippling brush is the first brush that I wanted to try. I love using this brush to apply cream and liquid cheek stains or blushers because the finish is very pretty and the product is diffused really well. There are also times that I use this together with my liquid foundations that has a runny consistency for that light coverage.

I must admit, I included this in my order because I want something that I can bring for touch-ups. As a bronzer brush, I think it does the job really well because it picks up just the right amount of product especially because I don't like to overdo my bronzer. And because of that, this became and instant favorite out of all the brushes I ordered. Just a heads up, the head of this brush is quite big so if you have a small face, this might not work for you as a bronzer brush. Whenever I travel, I can get away with just this brush for liquid foundation, powder, bronzer and blush although the finish is not as great as when you use a blending sponge.

Out of all the brushes I ordered, this set is my least favorite. Don't get me wrong. I think the face brush (top most) works well if you want to lightly dust powder on you face. The contour brush (middle) applies cheek contour nicely but I don't use it to contour my nose. The let down for me would be the eye brush because I find the white bristles a bit too long for my liking that I had a hard time blending my eyeshadows with it.

Aesthetically speaking, this is, by far, the best brush I own. Who wouldn't fall for this gorgeous looking brush? This has the softest bristles out of all the brushes I have. And since it is domed cut, I find it most useful in removing excess powder under my eye area after baking it. The ferrule area is somewhat flattened making the brush not as fluffy as the other powder brushes I have tried thus making me feel slightly awkward whenever I try to swirl this on my face.

Overall, I am pleased with the brushes that I got. I have washed them a couple of times and I only experienced one strand falling off from the bronzer brush, after that, no shedding was experienced. They are easy to clean (shampoo and water) and drying time is just the same as with my other brushes. As for the price, yes, they are bit pricey but it is always nice to invest on products that will work for you and will last you a long time.

You may check out for more authentic makeup products and enjoy free shipping for orders amounting to Php 1,300 above. Products will come directly from Singapore to your doorstep and shipping won't take that long. Mine took around 5 days to arrive including weekends.

I hope you find this post helpful.



Disclaimer: Products were sent for review/feature purposes. All opinions are based on my experience with the products.