About the Blogger

Hi, everyone! First, let me say that I am thankful that you are here viewing my site. I am hoping that this won’t be your last.

My name is Michelle but you may call me Micmic, which is my childhood nickname. Yes, that’s where my blog’s name originated. I am not good in coming up with catchy blog names so I just decided to name this Micmic’s Corner; my own little space of sharing just about anything under the sun.

I am a 20 something lady and a graduate of BS Nursing. Though I passed the board exams, I did not pursue my nursing career. There’s just something in it that does not feel right for me. I tried working as a call center agent but I was asked to resign by some people who cared about my health. I tried being an entrepreneur by selling stuff online and it was fun. It is something that opened my eyes to doing more stuff online.

Of course, while I was busy doing small business with other people, I had the time to check YouTube videos and blogs. That’s the time when I caught myself having a growing interest on makeup and beauty products. Then, one day, my boyfriend gave me the idea of me blogging. I was not cool with the idea at first because I know I don’t have enough stuff to impart to other people. He then told me that there’s nothing wrong in trying. So I did. I blog not only about beauty, but about anything I can. From I changed it to And, from blogger, here I am now in WordPress, hoping to share more to you, my lovely readers.


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