Anniversary Giveaway

It’s been more than two years since I decided to put up a blog and to be honest, I am still trying to get the hang of it. Blogging isn’t easy but I love it. It has been a part of my routine now and hopefully, it will forever be included in my to-do-tasks.
As I was back reading, I noticed that I never really created a post to introduce myself. My first post is actually a product review. My bad. I know I should have posted this before doing product reviews and the likes but it’s never too late. I will devote this post to, at least, give you an idea on how I am as a person or how my life was before and now.
I am on my mid 20s now. I was a graduate of BS Nursing and passed the board as well (not bragging, just saying). Though I passed, I knew right then and there that it’s not the path that I wanna take. As they say, I was peer pressured to take up Nursing. I worked once as a call center agent and was asked by my doctor to resign because the lifestyle it gave me isn’t healthy at all (no sleep at night, smoking, unhealthy diet plus hours of being surrounded by tons of computers – radiation overload!). So I resigned. I helped my mom with her small business (even up to now) and also, I did some online selling. And the rest is history.

Blogging isn’t my idea, it was my boyfriend’s. I guess he wants me to put all the makeup I am buying to a good use. So I did. I don’t have much knowledge with beauty products and, even up to now, it feels like I still have a LOT to learn. Two years isn’t enough for me to know all the things about this beauty blogging and beauty products but I am happy I was able to pass by this stage. As long as I live, I will always learn new things about this craft.

It’s kinda fun to share my experiences and also, interact with other people with same interests as mine.ย Even thoughย everything is done virtually, I am sincerely happy to have met few good people thru blogging. If ever I have added you in my social networking accounts, it’s because I found friendship in you (I don’t add randomly kasi gusto ko genuine lang yung reason kung bakit kayo friends like sa Facebook). I may not be able to attend bloggers’ events and mingle with you guys and I may not be as madaldal as you want me to be, but still I value those simple conversations we had. Hope to have more in the future.
Enough of my looooong introduction! Haha! Let’s go on with the giveaway. ^_^
I decided to have 2 winners for this specific giveaway. This is just a simple way of sharing with you our blessings (from me and my sponsors). We hope you like it.
Again, as I always say in my giveaways, follow what the Rafflecopter says. Read everything carefully. Ask questions if you need to. I would appreciate that. I don’t want your efforts to be put to waste. Invalid entries will be discarded without notifications. This is open to Philippine residents only.
I would like to thank my generous sponsors who agreed, without hesitations, to collaborate again with me. You are God’s blessing to this blog. Thank you so much! – Shy Shop, Flawless Beauty Online, Skye Avenue and Dull to Doll.
God bless, everyone! ^_^