Make Holidays Happen with Maybelline!

We celebrated Christmas 3 days ago and I was wondering, what look did you go for? I didn’t put too much makeup last Christmas eve but I filmed some easy looks that non-makeup artists like me can do. I was supposed to put it up last December 24 but my internet connection was wonky hence, this late post. But, we still have the New Year’s eve so let’s make holidays happen!

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My Usual Travel Makeup

Hello friends! Although I have not met you all personally, I feel like I have a connection with you every time I publish a post here. So, I am trying to motivate myself to update this blog as often as possible. And for today’s post, I want to share with you my usual travel makeup.

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Valentine’s Day 2012 + FOTD + OOTD

I know, I know. This is a very late post about Valentine’s day but let me just share it anyways.
Let’s start with a little FOTD (face of the day).
Left: taken with front cam of iphone
Right: taken with HD cam of iphone

For the face, I just evened out my skin tone with a cream foundation and set that with a loose powder. I also contoured my cheeks to achieve a thinner looking face. For the lips, I used a lip tint for a natural look and topped with a gloss.

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The Transformation

This was unplanned. Out of boredom, I decided to put make up on.
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