Toenails of the Week (Carolina Peach)

Yesteday, I went to our salon for pedicure. Yes, we own one but it’s just an ordinary salon. “PANG MASA.” Nothing fancy at all. 🙂
It’s been months since my last pedicure because my all time pedicurist, Mercy, went back home to her province. Since then, I didn’t allow anyone to touch my toes until yesterday. We have a new pedicurist named Shiela. My mom told me to play as a customer and not as the owner’s daughter. She wants me to test Shiela’s skills. Looks like I played it well. She really though I was a customer.
Before we started the pedicure session, I told her not to remove the ingrown nails because I don’t like getting wounds and cuts after a pedicure. She did as I’ve said. It’s as if I was the one who cleaned my toenails. No wounds, no cuts. Yes, I can do it myself. I am just lazy nowadays. Hahaha! 😀
I chose Bobbie’s Premium Nail Creme in Carolina Peach as my nail color because it light colored nail polishes looks nice on my feet. I told her to apply 3 coats since the polish is very sheer. After, I paid 70 pesos plus tip. Yes, that cheap haha!

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